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Become A Competent Boater

What to expect from your boating lessons

Lessons with Captain Tyler are for first time boaters as well as seasoned boaters looking to brush up on their skills. These lessons are designed to help you feel comfortable renting boats or purchasing a boat in the future. It is an immersive, hands-on lesson with no book work but there is an optional online test after the conclusion of the course. The lesson package includes three lessons, each lesson lasting approximately 3.5 hours and taking place aboard a 2020 World Cat 296DC twin outboard powerboat. Each lesson builds on to the previous one. 

Topics include...

  • Lesson 1 - Identifying safety equipment and legal requirements, preparing to disembark, no wake and minimum wake zones, common boater mistakes, how to cruise on a plane, finding your safe cruising speed, how to deploy and retrieve an anchor, how to navigate using landmarks and digital charts and basic boat handling.

  • Lesson 2 - Advanced boat handling skills, identifying currents and how the wind affects the boat, how to prepare to dock, docking along floating docks and fixed docks, how to tie up your boat with a locking cleat, how to be a courteous boater, using your VHF radio and man overboard drills.

  • Lesson 3 - The third lesson, you will be the acting captain and you'll go through all the steps from identifying safety equipment all the way to bringing the boat back into the slip and docking it at the end. You will be given two tasks, (1) to navigate to a location given to you and drop the anchor then you'll retrieve the anchor and (2) dock at a location given to you. After completing both tasks, you'll navigate back to the starting location and dock the boat a final time. 

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of recommendation which can be taken to any local boat rental company stating that you have proven yourself able to operate boats unassisted. Continuing education is available.

  • Lesson 4 (optional) - Beach anchoring is a skill that is used in the Tampa Bay area by almost every boater at some point. It is best to dedicate an entire lesson to beach anchoring so that we can practice in several locations around the Gulf and ICW. Though not required, we recommend bringing a friend or partner along, someone who will be boating with you in the future, beach anchoring can be done by one person but is much easier with two. 

When you purchase the lessons package, you have three credits to use. Lessons are taught Monday to Friday. You may use all three credits three days in a row or you can space them out. We recommend no more than two weeks between each lesson so that you retain the knowledge. If you're not ready to commit to three lessons you may purchase an individual lesson. 

Three lesson package: $1550 + tax

Single lesson: $599 + tax




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What to bring on your boating lessons

You are welcome to bring up to two additional students at no extra charge. Each person is recommended to bring a large rim hat, sunglasses and water. Some people learn best by taking notes so feel free to bring a notepad and pen if you prefer. By your third lesson, you should have a navigation app downloaded on your phone or on a tablet/iPad that you bring on board. Some people choose to video record skills on their phones so they can go back for reference, make sure you have plenty of storage space available on your phone. 

Lessons on YOUR boat: SAILING or POWER

Lessons are also available if you already own a boat. Contact Captain Tyler for more information about lessons on your boat. (727) 755-7943

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