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Boating Quiz Answers

What is the first step in docking?: Make a plan

What is the MINIMUM amount of anchor chain/line needed in 6' of water?: 42'

Which of these is NOT a legal requirement for a 30' powerboat?: VHF radio

What lights should a small powerboat display at night while underway?: Red and green 112.5° forward, white 360°

Which is the VHF hailing and distress channel?: 16

What color is a "diver down" flag?: Red and white

What is the BEST way to identify a sandbar from far away?: Breaking waves

If you are boating off the west coast of land, which wind direction will produce the most calm water?: East

If your anchor is dragging, you should FIRST...: Let out more anchor line

When crossing a large wake from another boat, you should...: Slow down and turn into the wave

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